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How do I know that I need a night guard?

Ask yourself the following questions:
Do I experience pain in my jaw joint?
Do I have difficulty opening or closing my mouth?
Do I have sensitivity in my teeth?
Do my teeth look shorter?
Do I get routine headaches?

If you answer yes for one or more of the above questions then these could be clear signs of grinding or bruxing. Grinding is mainly associated with the problem like: Strees, Anxiety, Drug abuse, smoking, excess use of alcohol. Currently, there is no cure for grinding. However, it can be controlled. If you grind your teeth during the day and/or at night your dentist will recommend a night guard to protect your teeth. If un-controlled, you can damage your jaw joint, your teeth or any dental treatment you have received from your dentist.
If you need more information about the night guard or just simply you want to know if you require a night guard, please feel free to call us on 02 9281 0007. We are here to help you.